About React Native Versions Update

React Native versions –

In this article, I am going to discuss about “About React Native Versions Update”.

React native introduces the multiple versions and here I am going to about discussing 0.63 and 0.64.


Older Versions of react-native –

Here you find the list of the react-native older versions and his documentation changes with changelogs.


Next, React Native versions release –

React native releases his version with the help of the GitHub repo. react-native-releases, react-native is recently launched the 0.64.

React native automatically updates your project in the current stable version of react-native if you create your project using npx react-native init. check the link below for getting the current change log in 0.64.


New in React Native 0.63 –

React native 0.63 includes these changes.

1) LogBox –

Every react-native developer knows the basic problem of react native is debugging errors and handling the warning. that’s why react-native creators launch the LogBox in 0.63.

Therefore LogBox is a solution of all debugging and warnings-related issues, react-native turned the LogBox by default in 0.63, that’s why this is a major change in react native 0.63. and

React Native LogBox is totally re-design for making clear understanding about all the issues easily, it looks like the below image.

LogBox design is divided into 3 – sections.

  • Redbox
  • Yellowbox
  • Logging experience

Firstly LogBox introduced in react native 0.62 version but in this version, it is only opt-in.

So the React-native 0.63 introduced the LogBox as default for making debugging experience easy.

LogBox focuse on these 3 – primary goals.

  1. Concise – Logs provide the minimum information which is necessary to debug.
  2. Formatted – By using a formatted way react-native creators formates the Logs in very well developer can understand the issue quickly.
  3. Actionable – Logs are actionable, you can move on them quickly.

LogBox Included –

LogBox included these features for achieving the goals.

  • Log notifications – LogBox notifications are designed in this way that you see the warnings and console messages as notifications.


  • Code Frames – It shows your source code into a coding frame where the issue is.
  • Component Stacks – These are fetched the errors and put them on his own sections which are visible in the top 3 stack sections.
  • Stack Frame Collapsing– Here we collapse the stack for getting the issue quickly and it not related to your application.
  • Syntax Error Formatting – In this version React native developers try to improve the syntax errors framing by adding the code frames.

Important Notes –

  • These react native 0.63 changes are available in improved visual designs for errors and warning as well paginating.
  • YellowBox is deprecated in favor of LogBox.
//This function replaces YellowBox.ignoreLogs([]) as a way //to silence any logs that match the given strings or //regexes.

//This function replaces console.disableYellowBox as a way //to turn off error or warning notifications. Note: this //only disables notifications, uncaught errors will still //open a full screen LogBox.


For more information check the docs here.

Finally, we completed the react-native versions part 1 which is “About React Native Versions Update.

So this is part 1 of a react-native versions update. I am going to write part 2 very soon.

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