Alert!!..WhatsApp will Limiting its features if you not accept their privacy policy after May 15, 2021

WhatsApp wants more people to agree to its new privacy policy as soon as possible.

As Many of the user already aware about the new privacy policy of WhatsApp regarding the user data for their business term ( Please refer this .

Since user getting this new policy alert notification from last few weeks but for now the Company Authority clearly mentioned that if the end user will not accept this policy in few week after 15th May, 2021, in that case user will loss some of its features.

As per the authority, WhatsApp will send notification to those user who have not accepted their new privacy policy after 15 May till few week, in between user will able to use all its features.

What the case if user not accept this?

In Case, if you failed to accept these new policy then you will experience some limited features of WhatsApp like:

  • You won’t be able to access your WhatsApp chat list.
  • You can answer incoming calls, read messaging by tapping the notification alert only.
  • After a few weeks, WhatsApp will stop sending incoming messages and calls to your account.

Note: This notification will not show to those user who recently created his/her account or install WhatsApp instead of updating it. Because it automatically mark to Yes for this new policy if you install it.

In such cases, most people might consider deleting their accounts. But WhatsApp won’t be doing that on its own.

if an account remains inactive for 120 days, WhatsApp accounts are generally deleted. So, you can either switch over to a different messaging service, or you can accept the new privacy policy in order to keep using WhatsApp.

Note: We always care about user privacy so requested you to read all the policies carefully before accept it.

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