Common Issues With React Native

Hello All, in this tutorial, we are going to discuss some common issues with React Native, so today we pick the topic.

Error Topic – Attempting to run JS driven animation on animated node that has been moved to “native” earlier by starting an animation with `useNativeDriver: true` react native

Error Example –

I faced this issue on Android react version 0.68.0 with FAB from @react-native-material/core package and then what I do is below.

Break down the blog steps –

Step 1 – Open the node_modules

node_module available at your project level structure.

Step 2 – Open the @react-native-material/core folder 

Step 3 – Go to the FAB module and open the FAB.tsx file, the path looks like the below image.

Note – FAB.tsx which is shown in red.


Step 4 – Then click on the FAB.tsx and search the useNativeDriver, you found that useNativeDriver is set as false just set as true, like the below attachment. added this line :useNativeDriver: true


Step 5 – So here is all now you can save and run the project again.

So we solved this most occurred react-native issue which is related to react native.

Finally, we solved one common issues with react native.

In the next tutorial, we learn the other common issues related to react native.

and in this series, I am trying to solve multiple react-native-related issues so follow it carefully.

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Happy Coding Guys.

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