How to Use Pull to Refresh in React Native – RefreshControl

Introduction of RefreshControl –

In this tutorial, you learn “How to Use Pull to Refresh in React Native – RefreshControl”. We are going to implement this with a simple React Native app.

Nowadays every famous app(like Facebook and Instagram) has the functionality of pull to refresh and this becomes the trend and we need to implement this in our app as well

Pull to refresh is functionality and we use it to refresh the data in our react native app when we pull the screen down to load new data.

Pull To Refresh Output Example –

itechinsiders - refresh control in react native

Break down the blog steps –

Here we are going to follow some steps which must require to follow.

  1. Create a react native app
  2. Implement the refresh control API
  3. Run the app

Step 1 – App creation for pull to refresh

Firstly we need to create a react native app for implementing refresh control.

react-native init refreshControlProject

Step 2 – Run the app for pull to refresh

Now we run the app so we check everything is working fine.

react-native run-android

Step 3 – Import the API for refreshControl

React native provides a RefreshControl component. for handling pull to refresh.

You can use RefreshControl inside a ScrollView/ListView/Flatlist to add pull to refresh functionality.

import { RefreshControl } from 'react-native';

Step 4 – Code implementation for pull to refresh

Here we are going to show the complete code of how we use the refreshControl with our app.

renderItem={({ item }) => <Item title={item.title} image={item.image} />}
keyExtractor={item =>}

refreshControl={<RefreshControl refreshing={refreshing} onRefresh={onRefresh} />}

contentContainerStyle={styles.list} />

In react native refreshing is a prop, so we need to set it true and in onRefresh the function we call the API again so it reflects the latest data.

Step 5 – Run the app for a testing pull to refresh func

So here finally we run the code for checking everything is working fine or not.

react-native run-android

So we completed the react-native refreshControl which is “How to Use Pull to Refresh in React Native – RefreshControl

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Happy Coding Guys.

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