How to Make a Phone Call in React Native App

Introduction –

Here we are going to discuss about “How to Make a Phone Call in React Native App“, if you want to show the number anywhere in your app and want to when you click on it, it should open the mobile default dialer are you able to call on that number.

And one more thing we are not going to use any third party library, we integrate it using react native component Linking.

I’m a big fan of React Native, because it is very easy to implement complicated concepts and designs, in below example i am going to explain you in detail how to create a very simple mobile default dialer opening functionality.

Output Example –

How to Make a Phone Call in React Native App

So let’s start to integrate…

Built-in URL Schemes –

How to Make a Phone Call in React Native App

Step 1 – Creating App

Create the app first for integrating phone calling functionality.

react-native init phoneNumberExample

Step 2 – Import the Linking

Here we use the Linking of react native, you can import the Linking where you want to integrate it.

import {Linking} from 'react-native'

Step 3 – State Declaration

Here we declare the state for storing the mobile number.

this.state = {

Step 4 – View Design

Here we design the view for for opening the dialer pad.

<TouchableOpacity style={{borderWidth: 0}}
  onPress={() => 
Linking.canOpenURL(`tel:${this.state.mobileNumber}`).then(supported => { 
if (!supported) { // handle the error } 
else { return Linking.openURL(`tel:${this.state.mobileNumber}`); } })                 
  <View style={{height:30,borderRadius:(15)}}>

Step 5 – Run The App

firstly we need to goto the path where the app is located then run the app.

cd phoneNumberExample
//Run it on the android device
react-native run-android

//run on the iOS simulator 
react-native run-ios

So we completed the react native default dialer pad opening which is “How to Make a Phone Call in React Native App“.

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