How to show Tooltip in ionic3 and ionic4

Why we use Tooltip functionality:

Here i am going to discuss the topic “How to show Tooltip in ionic3 and ionic4”, we need this functionality to show informative content to user.

The output of tooltip– - ionic tooltip

Important component: 


tooltip is use for showing massage which you want to provide.


By using the positionV component we define the tooltip position vertically.


Define the tooltip position horizontally.


Use to showing an arrow upon tooltip.


Use to identify on which type of event you want to show the tooltip(press or click also use hover for desktop).

We use this module with different component, some of showing below:

Step 1: 

Firstly we need to install angular/animation.

npm i –save-exact @angular/animations@5

Step 2: 

Now we are going to install npm plugin for tooltip.

npm i ionic-tooltips

Note: Make sure you have @angular/animations installed.

Step 3: 

Now we are ready to import all these modules in our app.module.ts file.

import { TooltipsModule } from ‘ionic-tooltips’;

import { BrowserAnimationsModule } from ‘@angular/platform-browser/animations’;


imports: [





Step 4: 

Now we are ready to implement this module in our app design view, open .html file and use this component.

<button ion-button tooltip=”I’m a tooltip below a button” positionV=”top” arrow=”true” event=”click”> Press me to see a tooltip</button>

<ion-checkbox color=”primary” tooltip=”I’m a tooltip below a button” positionH=”left” arrow=”true” event=”press”> </ion-checkbox>


<ion-radio value=”Gender” tooltip=”I’m a tooltip below a button” positionV=”bottom” arrow=”true” event=”click”></ion-radio>

So we completed the react native share functionality in this tutorial which is “How to show Tooltip in ionic3 and ionic4“.

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Happy Coding Guys.

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  1. this is showing issue for me getting dependencies issue after install plugin in ionic 4 with angular 9 can tell me i resolve this problem

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