Product’s type in Magento?

Product’s List in Magento:

In Magento, There are 6 types of products:

Simple Product :

  • A Physical product having no variation ( i.e.- size, color )  and associated with SKU(Stock  Keeping Unit).

Ex: A Single Shoes ( No variation in color/size and another thing)

Configurable Product:

  • Products that have multiple options ( variation like: color,size..).
  • Control inventory for one product.
  • Multiple options in one place.

Ex:  Shoes Store ( where so many variations in color, size, etc.)

Grouped Product:

  • A Collection of simple products that “fit” together.

Ex: Man in Black ( i.e. black shirt, black paint, black shoes, etc)

Virtual Product:

  • Virtual products are not something that downloadable.
  • It’s a service that someone offers.

Ex: Purchasing server hosting.

Bundled Product:

  • Bundled products are either simple or virtual products that can’t be sold separately.
  • if it sold separately then it has no sense.

Ex: Laptop/ Smart Phone (Having no sense without RAM, Battery)

Downloadable Product:

  • Products that can be downloaded from site/server or in the downloadable form.

Ex: ebook, Song, etc.

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