Ionic installation process

What is Ionic:

Here we are going to understand the “Ionic installation process “.

Ionic is build on top of  HTML5, javascript, and CSS, this is a powerful HTML5 SDK that helps you build native-feeling mobile apps using web technologies.

This is a front-end UI framework that handles all the look and feels of the mobile app.

Ionic current version is released that is a 4, an ionic team is still working hard to make this framework more user-friendly.

Ionic Framework Features :

  • Angularjs.
  • SASS component.
  • Typescript component.
  • Cordova plugins.
  • Nodejs(Ionic CLI).

What is pre-requirement of a system to install ionic:

  • Android Studio.
  • Java (JDK).
  • Nodejs.
  • Text editor(sublime,notepad++ etc).

The installation process of all these software:

  1. Android SDK : Download Android Studio and install or if you not want to install Android then you can only download the Android SDK files for window here
itechinsiders android

Environment Variables

After installing everything, we’ll need to set some environment variables for our command line.

start menu->system environment variable ->update user variable path-> create new variable of Android Home

  • ANDROID_HOME: The path to where the Android SDK is installed.
  • PATH: Two entries, one where Tools are installed for the Android SDK, and another for Platform tools

2. Java (JDK) installation: We’ll need to download and install the Java JDK from their website.

java itechinsiders

3. Nodejs(Ionic CLI): Now we will install the most recent version of Apache Cordova.

we need to download and install Nodejs,

Ionic installation process 8

Checking npm installed or not :

open cmd-> type npm -v-> it show npm installed information

Ionic installation process 7

4. Install the ionic: to install it simply open npm cmd->run the following command

Ionic installation process 6

At the time of installation, you must create an account in ionic

Ionic installation process 5

Email and pass which you want to use as login credential in ionic framework

After login, you see this window

Ionic installation process 4

Select free or premium which you want to choose the next or select the free.

Ionic installation process 3

Now you are ready to create your first app.

Type ionic info into cmd to see the result of the ionic installation.

Ionic installation process 2

Note: At the time of building the app. such type of error occurred if JDK or Android are not installed on your system. so carefully first install this on your system.

Ionic installation process 1

So we completed the tutorial which is “Ionic installation process“.

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