Most Recent Question asked in Java Interview (Version History of Java)

Most of the interviewer try to know about your daily basis updates on Java and asked “what version of java you use? “. So basically you must have knowledge about current java version, So here I will explain you about some Java Version from (2006 – 2017).

1) Java 1.9 | Released Year: Sept 21, 2017 |Version(Code) Name: “Jigsaw
– Introduce JShell( The Interactive Java REPL).
– Using Private Interface method.
Process API Improvements.
Light Weighted JSON API.

2) Java 1.8 | Released Year: Mar 18, 2014 |Version(Code) Name: “Spider
– Introduce Lambda Expression.
Functional Interface Used.
Joiner Class of String.
– Interface Default/static Method.
– Performance Improvement with Key Collisions for HashMaps.

3) Java 1.7 | Released Year: Jul 7, 2011 |Version(Code) Name: “Dolphin
Automated Resource Management.
– Support of JDBC 4.1.
String in Switch Statement.
Multiple extensions handling in the single catch block.
Numerical literals with an underscore.
– Instead of merge sort collections and arrays of objects are used Timsort for Sorting.

4) Java 1.6 | Released Year: Dec 11, 2006 |Version(Code) Name: “Mustang
– Support of Scripting Language.
– Support of JDBC 4.0.
Compiler API.
– Integrated Web services.
– Pluggable Annotations.

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