How to Upload IPA Direct to TestFlight iOS in React Native

How to Deploy a React Native IOS app on the App Store –

Here we are going to explain “How to Upload IPA Direct to TestFlight iOS in React Native“, sometimes it is confusing when we try to deploy the iOS app on app store, this guide is basically for beginner developer.

This is a quick guide to upload your app for distribution through Testflight. It assumes that you have the appropriate access to both developer account( and iTunes account (

Step 1 – Select the project

In Xcode, add your bundle ID to the app’s settings and select the company from the Signing options. Select Generic iOS Device from the top menu

  • Check the launch screen is default 
  • iOS version is 11.0
  • Build version need to update(in general section)

Step 2 – Archive the app

Select the Archive(from the product)-> App Store connect-> Next (if your developer. Id already added in Xcode preference then it upload direct)


Step 3 – Push it live

After successfully uploaded your app on App Store you get the message like this then click on upload.

Step 4 – After Successful Upload

So we completed the react native IPA upload functionality which is “How to Upload IPA Direct to TestFlight iOS in React Native“.

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