What is a Gesture Handler in React Native

What is a Gesture Handler –

Here we are going to discuss about gesture handler which is a “What is a Gesture Handler in React Native“, very important part of any app, gesture is basically touch of any app such as, the app needs to determine if the touch is scrolling, sliding or a tapping.

A touch can go through several phases as the app determines what the user’s intention is.

Gesture output look like – 

Gesture handler

Introduction –

Gesture Handler aims to replace React Native’s built in touch system called Gesture Responder System, It makes touch interactions and gesture tracking not only smooth, but also dependable and deterministic.

Gesture Responder System has some performance limitations on both iOS and Android platforms.

The library react-native-gesture-handler not only overcomes the performance issue on each native platform, but it also uses touchable that run in the native thread and follow default platform behaviour.  

Responder Lifecycle –  

Here are two methods to ask the view if it wants to become responder

  • View.props.onStartShouldSetResponder: (event) => true, – Became responder on the start of a touch.
  • View.props.onResponderReject: (event) => {} – Became responder on the start of a touch move.
  • View.props.onResponderGrant: (event) => {} – Became responder on the start of a  touch events.
  • View.props.onResponderReject: (event) => {} – Something else is the responder right now and will not release it
  • View.props.onResponderMove: (event) => {} – The user is moving their finger
  • View.props.onResponderRelease: (event) => {} – Called at the end of the touch, such as “touchUp”
  • View.props.onResponderTerminationRequest: (event) => true – Returning true when terminated
  • View.props.onResponderTerminate: (event) => {} – Called after onResponderTerminationRequest.

Event is a touch event with the following forms –

  1. changedTouches – Array of all touch events
  2. identifier
  3. locationX
  4. locationY
  5. pageX
  6. pageY
  7. target
  8. timestamp
  9. touches

So we completed the react native Gesture handler which is “What is a Gesture Handler in React Native“.

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