How to set a dynamic/responsive square grid in react native

Why we use dynamic/responsive square grid functionality –

Here we start “How to set a dynamic/responsive square grid in react native” which is a component rendering grid of squares that perfectly fill your space (potentially with scrolling).

I’m a big fan of React Native, because it is very easy to implement complicated concepts and designs, in below example i am going to explain you in detail how to create a very simple dynamic/responsive square grid.

So today we going to talk about square-grid, for square-grid npm provide a great plugin named square-grid for implementing square-grid.

Output Example – - react native square grid – react native square grid


Firslty we need to install the npm plugin for square-grid.

npm install --save react-native-square-grid


Now you need to link the plugin as well as(only for that whoʼs version is below 0.61).

react-native link react-native-square-grid


Now we are going to implement the react-native-square-grid, as well as import the plugin:

import SquareGrid from 'react-native-square-gridʼ

Declare the global variable:

var NUMBERS = ["one", "two", "three", "four",  "five", "six", "Seven", "Eight"]

Declare the Array variable:

event_attending_users_list =  [{id:ʼ1ʼ,name:ʼtestʼ,id:ʼ2ʼ,n4me:ʼtest2ʼ}]

Implement this in Design Part:

render() {
   <View style={{ top: 30, flex: 1, marginRight: 30, marginLeft: 30,  
   borderWidth: 0 }}>
   <SquareGrid  rows={0} columns={3} items={NUMBERS}  items= 
   {event_attending_users_list} renderItem={(item, index) =>
   <View style={{ justifyContent: 'center', borderWidth: 0 }}>
   <Text style={{ fontSize: 14, fontWeight: 'bold', color:  
   'rgb4(234,66,26,1)' }>{item.n4me}.</Text>  </View>  }>
    </SquareGrid>  </View>

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