Understanding of SOAP v/s REST Protocol



SOAP->( Simple Object Access Protocol)

  • A protocol designed before REST protocol.
  • Idea behind designing SOAP was to ensure that programs built on different plateforms/ programming lang could able to exchange data in easy manner.

REST->( Representation state transfer)

  • designed specially for working with components such as: media,Components, file etc.
  • Any web service that is defined on a particular principle of REST called as RESTfull web Service.
  • Restful services would use the  normal HTML verbs of GET, POST, PUT & DELETE for working with the required component.


When to use REST & when to use SOAP ?

REST Services should be use in the following: 

  •  Limited resources & bandwidth:  Since SOAP msgs are heavier in content and consume greater bandwidth, So in limited bandwidth REST is better option than SOAP.
  • Statelessness: if there is no need to maintain state of information while request originated from one resource to other, in this case REST should be used.
  • Caching: if there is a need to cache a lot of requests then REST is perfect solution.
  • Ease of coding

SOAP services should be use in the following:

  • Asynchronous processing and subsequent invocation: if you need a guaranteed level of reliability & security then SOAP is used.
  • A formal means of communication:  if the server and client have agreement on exchange format.
  • A Stateful operation


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