Is Really, You Secure With Your Smart Voice Assistant Device ?

Anyone doesn’t want to reveal his privacy to anyone, right???

But if you use any voice recognition device, Sorry your privacy might be public around the world anytime.

Devices like Amazon Echo, Alexa, Google Home etc record your voice for the betterment of their assistant with real-world scenarios.

Here’s many cases where people saying that their device auto-activated without giving any of the commands (As below)

Case 1:

In San Francisco, Shawn Kinnear claimed that his Voice Recognition device activated itself and said cheerfully:

“Every time I close my eyes, all I see is people dying.”

(Source: The Guardian)

Case 2:

In Portland, a woman discovered that her echo had taken it upon itself to send recordings of private conversations to one of her husband’s employees. 

Case 3:

In Germany, by mistakenly sent about 1,700 audio files from someone else’s echo to a customer (who requested to review his data under a European Union data protection law ), providing enough information to name and locate the unfortunate user and his girlfriend.

Note: Here you can check Indian Data Protection Law.

In the company statements-

“device must have misheard the wake word, misheard a request to send a message, misheard a name in its contacts list and then misheard a confirmation to send the message, all during a conversation about hardwood floors”

What’s the nonsense is this??

if you check their privacy policy as well, it’s clear that they are using your voice for betterment of their services.

So itechinsiders suggests that please turn off your voice assistant device when it’s not in use.

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