How To Use Lodash In React Native

What is Lodash –

Lodash is Javascript library, which focuses on delivering high-performing react native functions, Lodash can be used in the front end and in the back end as well.

Output Example –

Why You Need To Use Lodash –

  • When you deal with complex data structure.
  • If performance is a priority in your project.
  • When you want to focus on code modularity.
  • If you want to write less code and do more functionality.

What is debounce and where use it –

Debounce is a main function for using lodash, debounce function should be defined somewhere outside of render method since it has to refer to the same instance of the function every time you call it as oppose to creating a new instance like it’s happening now when you put it in the handler function.

The most common place to define a debounce function is right on the component’s object.

So let’s start the integration, follow each steps carefully for integrating lodash.

Step 1 – Creating a project

Here we need to create the project first for implementing the lodash.

react-native init lodashExample

Step 2 – Installing the plugin

Now we need to install the npm plugin for lodash

npm i lodash

Step 3 – Import the plugin

import the plugin where you want to integrate the lodash.

import {debounce} from 'lodash';

Step 4 – Declaration in ComponentDidMount

Here we are going to define the lodash in component did mount and give a time so it called repetly after that time

  componentDidMount() {
   this.searchProducts = debounce(this.searchProducts, 400);

Note – You need to understand that here – this.searchProducts – is a function which called each time after debounce, so here you can call your API or any thing which you want to called.

So we completed the react native lodash integration which is “How To Use Lodash In React Native“.

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