How government has got ‘good news’ for TCS & It’s Employee

One of the India’s leading information technology Company TCS is looking to work further on eGovernance projects. As the government steps up in use of such projects. As per the TCS it is a great move to make digital eGovernance and improve the quality of life of citizenship. TCS is involved in a number of e-governance projects in India and abroad. They can help curb corruption and solves the problem with ease. India Contributed about $1.2 billion to TCS revenue in fiscal year 2019.

Government spending on IT is estimated to be around 1/10 the of overall spend. “One of the new performance improvement initiatives implemented in the eFiling project by TCS this year was pre-filling the tax returns for taxpayers, enabling them to verify and submit returns quickly. Nearly 5 million people filled their tax returns online, a record for any single day.The system has scaled without any glitches for last several years. The first generation of eGovernance services using newer technologies such as cloud and analytics,which helps make larger-scale systems more efficient. TCS has been partner for eFilling project since 2012 and has delivered several incremental innovations.

Some recently running projects as country’s passport project, India Post Partners with TCS to Digitally re-imagine postal services,Delhi excise department revenue project. TCS is also has three to four new proposal of e-Governance projects which includes Public Healthcare Solutions(Empowering global government to make medical treatment affordable), Unemployment Insurance Offering(Modernising unemployment insurance systems). other small projects like smart Police, smart cities. This is very good example of mass personalisation under TCS’ Business 4.0 Framework. Tej Paul Bhatla(Head of TCS public service business unit) said.

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