CamScanner deleted from Google Play Store for having malicious module !!!

CamScanner, a tool to convert documents into pdf, has been removed from google play store just because of malicious Trojan-Dropper module, stated by Kaspersky researchers. Kaspersky team also clear that of course, CamScanner is a legitimate app for quite some time. But with the recent version of CamScanner found to come with an advertising library that contained a malicious module (known as Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS.Necro.n), the same incident happens before with preinstalled apps on Chinese smartphones. This module can extract and run another malicious module. Also, the dropped malware is a Trojan-Downloader that downloads more malicious modules. It was detected that the advertisement SDK provided by a third-party named AdHub, integrated into Android Version 5.11.7, has been reported for containing a malicious module that produces unauthorized advertising clicks. After being aware of this incident the CS team immediately removed all SDKs from the PlayStore.

So be aware with the similar app. and if you have CamScanner downloaded on your Andriod device already, you should uninstall it until a fixed version gets listed on the play store. But the good news for iOS user that On App Store CS is malware-free.

The Official Notices from CS Team is below:

Meanwhile, you can update the app from the official site of Cam Scanner using the link.



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