What is Cron Job in Magneto 2.x

  • It is a setting of an automatic schedule on time, that is really convenient when you run magento store .
  • It works as a assistant.
  • Whenever you need assist from a software like website statics or content management system, which is require to run on a certain time ( at the time when you are unavailable to do that).


What is a Cron Job?

  • Cron job will create a command or a script  that is appropriate with task you want to do.
  • Instead of manual working, the Cron Job allows running automatically in exact time & date.
  • It is important for magento to set the schedule for many system activities such as:

– Re-indexing

– Auto- Update of currency rates

– Email etc.


Why we need Cron Job?

Several Magento features require at least one Cron job, which schedule activities to be occur in future. Some of the activity is listed below:

  • Catalog Price Rule
  • Newsletters
  • Generating Sitemap
  • Customer alert/notification ( product price change/ product bake in stock)
  • Re-indexing any task
  • Updates Currency rates
  • Magento e-mail


Happy learning 🙂


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